Combat Christmas Weight Gain

Fitness, Health 18 Dec 2012
Combat Christmas Weight Gain

By now, if you’re anything like me, you’ve likely started the holiday weight gain process.  It’s really tough to deny all those sweets in the workplace and all those sugar-infused holiday gifts like Lindor Truffles…OMG, the ones filled with peanut butter are amazing!

However, I have a special someone holding me accountable for my every move: my amazing personal trainer and friend David Ashley.  Every time I post a pic on Facebook holding a delightful cocktail or eating a Santa-decorated cupcake, he comments something along the lines of: You’re not really eating that, right?!

I’ve been training with Dave for a few months now, and he is, by far, the one person who has taught me to love weights, lunges, squats, and dumbbells.  My future summer bikini body is in his hands…

But before we enter 2013, I thought it fitting to ask dear Dave about preventing putting on pounds during Christmas and NYE.  And my first question was simple: can I sip on foo-foo drinks?  (Think eggnog, White Russians, and amaretto…YUM!)

Dave’s response was as simple as my question: alcohol is liquid sugar… period! Besides calories, he says you have to look at the amount of alcohol sugar; that sugar is pure fat.  And so, truth be told, he suggests avoiding hard alcohol.  A nice glass of wine or a low calorie beer is better than something delightfully mixed.  Buzz-kill.

When it comes to chowing down, Dave says you must monitor portion control.  If you dig into the bag of chips and the chips spill out of the palm of your hand, it’s too big of a serving.  His top three tips for attending a big Christmas blow-out are:

1. Never Arrive Hungry:  Planning ahead can help you maintain discipline in the face of temptation.  If you do arrive hungry, drink water to fill your tummy.

2. Divert Your Attention:  Many people forget there’s more to a holiday party than food.  Step away from the buffet and socialize with family and friends!

3. Pace Yourself:  Chewing slowly will fill you up with less food.  Eat at a leisurely pace.

And just because you’re on holiday vacation doesn’t mean you can skip working out!  Here are Dave’s ideas to get moving during time off:

  • Dust off the treadmill and walk while watching TV.
  • Invest in a book on iTunes.  Listen to it while working out.
  • Haven’t used your gym-pass in awhile? Hire a personal trainer to teach you effective calorie-burning techniques.  (BTW, mention Nadine On The Scene for a fabulous discount with Dave’s Fitness By Design training sessions.)
  • Walk your dog…every day.
  • Put a little kick in your cleaning technique. Blast some music and dance while you clean. Seriously, it burns calories.

Dave says people tend to eat now and worry later; unfortunately, that won’t lead to a healthy success. (Really, you’ll end up frustrated and depressed.)  That’s why Dave is giving you full permission to ditch the diet over the holidays.  Instead, just try to MAINTAIN your current weight through the season.  Believe it or not, most people quit the gym during the month of December, but return in January eager for weight loss.

To schedule a discounted training session, call: 602-316-4858 or 480.229.2815

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