How To Read Lips

How To Read Lips

I met Pam Fox at Starbucks for my scheduled lip reading appointment.  Yes, I said lip print reading—Pam reads your puckered prints.  I never knew such a thing was possible; more-so, legit—but Pam discovered quite a story embedded in my lips. 

Pam is officially dubbed a “Lip Print Reader.” She’s educated in Lipsology, trademarked by Jilly Eddy, the woman who cracked the code of indicators and messages in our lip prints. Pam was one of Jilly’s first students; she learned the savvy skill in 2008.

Pam says Lipsology is a form of Physiognomy: the concept of looking at one part of the body as a holographic representation of the whole person, and looking at the outside of the person to understand the inner person. Historically, we can trace such practices back 5,000 years to Chinese medicine, out of which face reading developed. At about the same time, palm reading began to spread out of India.

Jilly got her start collecting lip prints in the early 1980s; really, just for fun. One day someone asked her if the prints actually carried meaning, so she decided to dive into the whole idea.  For the past 20+ years, Jilly has developed a method for reading and understanding the many categories found in prints.

The lip biz is pretty tight-knit; to Pam’s knowledge, there are only five trained Lipsologists, in the world! For many years, the only place you could get a reading was where Jilly practiced in Seattle; however, Pam has brought the trend to Arizona, and is now the go-to girl in the Desert Southwest.

When I first met with Pam, she asked me to apply the lipstick she had brought for me.  Then, she had me smooch a “Kiss Card” three time–a white piece of cardstock.  Immediately, my prints appeared, and I watched as she analyzed their shape, fullness, and spacing.  I soon learned there are about 30 categories of indicators that can show in a single print.

Pam says a lip print reading has two parts; the first, is the personality reading. Just from a person’s prints, Pam can determine someone’s communication skills, how a person relates to the world, their leadership traits, how decisive they are, and if a person is conservative, cautious, liberal, or impulsive. Our lip prints can also show our sense of humor, in addition to our creativity.

The second part of the lip print process is the energetic reading. It just so happens that Pam studied Native American wisdom at the same time she was mastering the art of reading lips. Based on the medicine wheel, Pam came to the conclusion that the Native American way of thinking beautifully paralleled her lip print reading endeavors. Therefore, from a simple lip print, Pam can detect indicators that represent the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and passionate energetic bodies of any given person. 

I suppose now’s the time to clarify that Pam is NOT a psychic.  The Lipsologist literally reads lip prints, the way you would a map or book.  With that being said, Pam does use her intuition to decide which messages are most important, and whether or not her subject is willing or ready to hear a particular message.

Speaking of messages…Pam says our prints help point us in the right direction of our personal evolution. If we pay close enough attention, the prints can serve as a guide towards the areas where we need refinement.

For example, if you tend to over-stress about things you cannot control; if you worry, feel distracted, or unfocused; or if you’re disappointed in yourself or others, your lip prints can offer you a way out, that is, if you listen to their suggestions. We can access greater compassion, peace, charisma, humor, health, harmony, hope, and happiness if open to the out-of-the-box idea.

In a mere nutshell, here’s a sampling of what your lip story may say about you. 

The smaller the lip prints, the more a person is able to focus on details of life. Small, thin lips indicate a very organized, hands-on perfectionist who would rather do it herself than have someone else “mess it up.” Hire someone like this to do your taxes, organize your closets, balance your checkbook, and run your office.  The larger and fuller the lips, the larger the window through which a person views the world. Big picture people don’t like to be restrained by the budgets or schedules of others. They have a grand vision of life and are happiest when given the freedom to express themselves through creativity. They can be good communicators and team builders, and are interested in a broad range of subjects. (Think Oprah Winfrey, Mick Jagger, and Jim Carey.)  Triangular, square, and diamond-shaped lips speak to how you interact with others when you are being most authentic. Round lip prints indicate someone who is talented at bringing others the material support, resources and tools that they need to succeed. There are also irregular lip prints, which carry a variety of meanings.

Pam is available for one-on-one appointments; you can also book her for events and parties.  In addition, you can opt for her lip print reading services at Valley hot spots such as The Montelucia Resort’s Joya Spa.  To book your lip print reading, click here

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