Love from Head-to-Toe

Love/Family 14 Feb 2013
Love from Head-to-Toe

At one point or another, we’ve all despised Valentine’s Day.  When you’re single and heart-broken, the dubbed day of love simply sucks.  We’ve all been there and it’s painful.  With that being said, there’s no time like the present to embrace being single, and open your heart to the possibility of love.

I thought it fitting to spend today writing about how you can utilize your body to become Valentine’s Day ready.  Allow me to explain, as this article isn’t R-rated.  I chatted with my friends at TRUmatch, the Valley’s very best match-making company, about getting back in the game of love.  See, TRUmatch constantly deals with singles eager to find the one—the personalized dating service is secure, private, and affordable; plus, their success rate is swoon-worthy.  Click here for more TRU 411.  Anyway, my TRU experts suggest using your body as a guide to getting love-ready…from your head, to your feet.

According to Leslee Alexander Gibbs, TRUmatch’s Founder and CEO, you must clear your head of all past experiences; in other words, re-train your brain.  If you had a bad experience with a playboy from Colorado, it doesn’t mean all guys from Colorado are bad.  If you were the victim of heart-wrenching betrayal, it doesn’t mean all guys cheat.  You need to rid your mind from all preconceived notions based on experience; instead, train your brain to welcome someone wonderful.

Next, consider your eyes.  Leslee says you need to “see” love in a different light.  Granted, we’ve all been burned, but that doesn’t mean you have to close all doors to the L-word.  If you open your eyes to potential possibilities, you just might find what you’re looking for.  Sometimes we walk around without seeing what’s around us; Leslee suggests seeing the bigger picture.

Working our way down the body…to your heart.  Oh, the heart, the most tender, fragile thing of all.  Most of us can agree: hearts do break, but the good news: Leslee says hearts heal.  As much as you really can feel a broken heart, time soothes all wounds, and eventually, your heart allows itself to love again.  Leslee recommends getting in touch with your heart—give it the permission to attempt love again…it just might be worth it.

And on the flip side, there’s your gut…just below the heart.  Intuition rarely lies.  When entering the fabulously confusing, frustrating, and unfulfilling world of dating, Leslee says it’s always smart to trust your gut.  Sometimes, you just have a certain feeling, and if that feeling’s shady, honor it as a red flag.  However, that doesn’t mean setting yourself up for failure.  Instead, when your gut gives you a nudge, consider the circumstance, and ask yourself why you’re feeling the way you do.

From your gut…to your feet.  Walk the walk.  You’re not going to meet someone in PJs, on your couch, throwing an ice cream-infused pity party for your lonesome self.  Therefore, Leslee says you have to be proactive…DUH!  Who knows when you’ll meet someone; it could be at the grocery store, so consider swinging by the market five days a week!  As emotionally draining as it may sound, sit yourself at a bar—solo or with a friend—and order a happy hour cocktail…someone is bound to come up to you and possibly offer to pay…LOL.  Leslee says it’s all about getting yourself out there, even during down times in your dating game.

To jump-start your love life, consider giving TRUmatch a go.  Click here for the TRU skinny.

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