Taryn: The Suns Dance Coach

Taryn: The Suns Dance Coach

At 25 years old, I moved to Phoenix, joining the CBS-5 Morning News team as the traffic anchor.  That was also the year I first locked eyes with my hubby and kicked off my happily ever after.  Truth be told, 25 was a good age.

At 25 years old, Taryn Carmichael landed her dream job.  The Arizona-born brown-eyed, brown-haired bombshell is savoring her first year as the Suns’ Dance Coach, and she’s loving every minute of it.  And because I love promoting and honoring fabulous females, I got the inside scoop from Taryn…a look at her daily life, love life, and life outside of coaching the 17 Suns dancers.

Taryn first started dancing at four years old. Because she fell in love with dancing, Taryn auditioned with the Suns after graduating high school.  She easily landed the gig, and became a member for five seasons before accepting the coaching promotion.

Photo Credit:  Barry Gossage/Phoenix SunsWhile dancing for the Suns, Taryn formed a particular admiration towards her coach.  She found herself wanting to hold that title of becoming a NBA dance team manager, and as luck would have it, the position ultimately opened up.  Shortly after graduating Arizona State University, Taryn—the Sun Devil—went for the position, and after anxiously awaiting a positive reply, she was invited to interview with the Vice President of Game Entertainment, Kip Helt.  She surely wooed him, because that interview was followed up by a meeting with the Suns President, Jason Rowley.  One thing led to another, and Taryn scored the job.

As coach, Taryn organizes team practices, choreographs routines, and plans game-day events. The girls’ schedule is pretty demanding; they rehearse bi-weekly for a few hours a night.  During practice, they workout and learn two new routines for the following game. On game days, the dancers arrive a few hours before tip-off to rehearse the routines on the court; they also prepare mini timeout performances during the game.

Taryn prefers mixing things up…she likes putting together routines utilizing everything from classic rock to Broadway-type-tunes.  She says she takes pride in being a fun; yet, assertive coach; she welcomes the girls to consider her a friend, but when it’s time to hit the court, Taryn is all about business.

But this young lady is not all work and no play.  She enjoys spending time with her, and I quote, “wonderful boyfriend.”  When shopping around for the perfect guy, Taryn looked for personality and a big heart, and found just that in her BF.  Plus, her family (the boyfriend included) is super supportive.  They are all huge Suns fans, so they often attend the games.

“My job never feels like work,” Taryn told me, “We support the Suns players 100% win or lose.”

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