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Nadine Bubeck is a TV news anchor turned all things mama. The blessed boy mom, wife, host, blogger, author, fashion designer, keynote speaker, and PR professional has made a name for herself focusing on everything motherhood. After spending nearly 10 years as a new anchor, Nadine switched gears, making family a priority and being a thriving mompreneur.


Nadine has been an anchor/reporter at TV stations in Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California. The Silicon Valley native has her Bachelor's Degree in Radio and Television from San Francisco State University.  

Nadine is known for her regular lifestyle/travel/parenting TV segments and articles. Her favorite quote is: People don't take trips; trips take people. She loves showcasing her experiences and expertise in a variety of print and digital magazines and publications. 


Nadine is the author of "Expecting Perfect: My Bumpy Journey to Mommyhood"—her candid pregnancy journal. She published her "dear diary" to prove that even a bumpy journey can be a beautiful experience…she wants women to embrace imperfection. In addition, she authored "Sing My Sweet Lion," a children's book aimed at instilling unconditional love and confidence in young kids. Nadine is also working on a special handbook geared towards teaching kids the art of public speaking- keep an eye out for the launch in 2021!


Nadine writes for numerous publications including the Today Show Parenting Team, News Break, City Lifestyle, North Phoenix Family Magazine and more. In addition, you can shop Nadine's top picks via her Amazon shop (she's an Amazon influencer dedicated to sharing her favorite things).

During Covid, Nadine encouraged her oldest son to embrace entrepreneurship, helping him launch a booming business. Her son founded Creations by Nicholas, an adorable give-back biz that's been featured in everything from Forbes to NBC Nightly News. In addition, Nadine's clothing line, Mama B. Designs, aims to stylishly spread prematurity awareness. The Mama B. Miracle Line benefits March of Dimes, a foundation dear to Nadine's heart. (Her first son was a preemie.) 


Nadine loves working with big and boutique brands, companies, and travel properties. She provides an array of quality coverage spanning TV, online and via social media. Request Nadine's media kit here.

She is mom to sons Nicholas, Zachary (Zaza) & Alexander and resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.


"Success is being happy with what you’re doing;' words of wisdom from
Nadine Bubeck." 
"Nadine reinvented her career from corporate to family-friendly."
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